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    العربية بين يديك
    Arabic Between Your Hands

       الصوتيات : المجموعة الأولى


    Teach Yourself Arabic Conversation

    Listen and Read at the same time
    Lee y escucha a la vez

    I recomend: click on Show full screen (it opens in new window) and then in "i" (about this book) and select PDF
    much better visibility and easier to navigate through dialogs
    then, click in the correspondig mp3 player of the lesson below

    PART 1

    PART 2

    PART 3

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    1-085.mp3 1-086.mp3 1-087.mp3 1-088.mp3 1-090.mp3 1-091.mp3 1-092.mp3 
    1-093.mp3 1-094.mp3 1-096.mp3
    2-001.mp3   2-002.mp3      2-003.mp3      2-004.mp3      2-006.mp3     2-007.mp3  
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    2-015.mp3    2-016.mp3   2-018.mp3     2-019.mp3     2-020.mp3        2-021.mp3  
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    2-030.mp3   2-031.mp32-032.mp3    2-033.mp3   2-034.mp3     2-036.mp3  2-037.mp3        
    2-038.mp3   2-039.mp3   2-040.mp3 2-042.mp3   2-044.mp3     2-045.mp3  2-046.mp3  
    2-048.mp3   2-049.mp3     2-050.mp3       2-051.mp3   2052.mp3      2-054.mp3  
    2-055.mp3      2-056.mp3  2-057.mp3   2-058.mp3 2-060.mp3  2-061.mp3    
    2-062.mp3     2-063.mp3 2-064.mp3 2-066.mp3 2-067.mp3 2-068.mp3   2-069.mp3    
    2-070.mp3   2-072.mp3         2-073.mp3   2-074.mp3   2-075.mp3  2-076.mp3  
    2-078.mp3  2-079.mp3  2-080.mp3     2-081.mp3     2-082.mp3  2-084.mp3      
    2-085.mp3   2-086.mp3    2-087.mp3 2-088.mp3             2-090.mp3 2-091.mp3   
    2-092.mp3    2-093.mp3   2-094.mp3  2-096.mp3

    Teach Yourself Arabic Conversation

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    1. Ross Hebrew Vocabulary

      This is a flashcard program using the vocabulary in Introducing Biblical Hebrew by Allen P. Ross (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Academic, 2001).


      Note the following corrections in the flashcard program.
      In chapter 14, TZAVA, meaning "host" or "army", should be spelled with an aleph as the final letter rather than a he; in chapter 32, AVAD means "to perish" not "to preach"; and in chapter 40, YERACH means "month" not "mouth."

      Web Version
      Ross Vocab (3 MB; Shockwave required)

      Download Web Version
      Web Version (zip) (3 MB; Shockwave required)

      Download Stand Alone Version (PC Only)
      Stand Alone Version (zip) (4.5 MB; Shockwave NOT required)

      Download Audio Development Files
      If you are interested in some of the original development files, here are the audio recordings that I made of the Ross vocabulary. I have two versions. Both consist of WAV audio files.

      audio_ross_vocab_by_word.zip (15 MB)
      audio_ross_vocab_by_chapter.zip (18 MB)

      This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Developing Nations license.